How to Fix the 550 No Such User Here Email Error

550 Error is generally the most common error. It comes with a message like “550 No Such User Here”. Such errors happen when sent email is not delivered, the user name cannot be found or not accessible by the server.

This type of error you get in both way, let’s suppose you are sending email from your server to another server you can possibly get this error, for that you need to contact the host to fix this issue. And people sending email to your server can also face such an error. You have to see where the error bounce is generated, that will determine you how you can fix the 550 No Such User Here error. You can check by changing the settings of your server.

Let’s discuss reasons for getting 550 No Such User Here error:

  1. Mail file permissions error
  2. Incorrect email address
  3. MX records pointing towards the wrong server

If you are getting 550 Permanent Failure For One Or More Recipients, check the mentioned article for details on how to debug and fix such an issue.

Mail File Permission Error

If you are using CyberPanel emails are stored in mail Directory of the home folder. If the permissions of your files are not configured correctly and for some reasons, it has been corrupted due to:

  • When you change your hosting provider, move files from one server to another
  • Backups of the email file
  • Files uploaded through FTP

You might get an error of 550 to your all emails. You can also contact technical support to fix file permission issue on your server. (If your provider is managed)

If you are managing your own VPS or dedicated server you may need to enter the following command in your SSH command line:

[root@vps#### ~]$ chmod 644 mailDirectoryPath 
This will reset all the permission to folders and files. 

Incorrect Email Address

Email error 550 No Such User Here also occur when the email address you are sending to is not correct, you are sending email to the incorrect email address and you get a bounce-back email error. In this scenario, you just need to have your sending email address spelled correctly.

MX records pointing towards the wrong server

550 No Such User Here error message also pops up when your MX record is not configured correctly. Let’s just say you move from one hosting company to another and you start facing such issues, you might have DNS or MX records issues. A mail exchanger (MX) record specifies the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name. It is a resource record in the Domain Name System. If your Mx record pointing toward your old hosting service provider and you removed all the email accounts of that server, when you going to send an email you will face 550 No Such User Here problem. To fix that issue you need to check the email MX record pointing towards your correct server.

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