Plesk Alternative: CyberPanel! Hosting Control Panel for LiteSpeed

We’ve recently discussed CyberPanel as a viable cPanel alternative. Plesk is another popular control panel used by many out there. But if you are here, it means you are already looking for its alternative. There can be various factors/reasons for you looking for a Plesk alternative. Such as:

  1. Pricing: Plesk has mid-range pricing. But still, some people out there can’t seem to afford, and then they start to look for an alternative.
  2. Complexity: Plesk is a complex control panel, for first-time users, it can be confusing due to lots of options provided.

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[Solved] HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable

Web servers such as LiteSpeed and Apache use various codes to tell browsers about responses. For example, if the webserver replies back with HTTP code 200, it means that everything is fine and the response generation was successful. There are many other response codes, but today we will discuss HTTP Error 503, and when this usually happens you get the following error on your browser: HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. Continue reading…


[Solved] Temporary failure in name resolution

DNS errors such as temporary failure in name resolution can easily cripple your server. You will not be able to install any yum packages, you will even not be able to ping, because as you can see this is a name resolution error, which means your server can not resolve domain names to their respective IP Addresses (if you know about DNS, you will know that this is something the whole internet relies on).

In this article we will see how to resolve temporary failure in name resolution error, we will discuss various reasons and their respective solutions. Continue reading…


cPanel Alternative: CyberPanel! Hosting Control Panel for LiteSpeed

cPanel has been around for ages, there are many people using cPanel but due to its cost, they are always looking for cPanel alternative. There are hundreds of cPanel alternatives out there but today we will talk about CyberPanel. CyberPanel not only is a great cpanel alternative, but it is super fast as well. Sites running on CyberPanel are fast, as CyberPanel use OpenLiteSpeed as a server in the free version and LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server in the paid version.

CyberPanel is super easy to use due to its user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). According to current users, the learning curve is not very hard when they shift to CyberPanel. CyberPanel has 2 variants, one is free and the other is paid. We will first learn the difference below. Continue reading…


OpenLiteSpeed vs NGINX

OpenLiteSpeed is getting lots of attention lately. OpenLiteSpeed is an open-source version of LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server that shares the same code base thus you eventually get the same Enterprise-Grade performance. Today we will see the performance of openlitespeed vs nginx. We will look into various scenarios such as

  1. Static file performance of openlitespeed vs nginx.
  2. Simple PHP file performance.
  3. WordPress site performance with and without LSCache and FastCGI Cache for NGINX.

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