How to install Snort and use as Web Application Firewall!

Considering a number of attacks on web application these days, one must be pro-active in case of the security. You might already be using Web Application Firewall for your web application security including but not limited to ModSecurity. However, ModSecurity works at the application layer.

That means it is installed with Web Server Software (Apache, Nginx etc). Any malicious packets that travel towards your web application are then blocked by this firewall on the application layer. Packet first arrives on the interface of a server, then it moves to the Linux kernel and eventually, it arrives at the application (here application is a web server). ModSecurity is installed as a module in a web server, which inspects every packet before it is delivered to the web application.

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Prometeus Review – 50% off on Xen SSD VPS in Milan, Italy

In this post I am going to write prometeus review of their new offers in Milan, Italy. As there are a lot of people recently asking for Italy location. So, their italy vps offers must be shared, because Prometeus is a reputable provider.

The only downside is that 50% off applies to yearly billing. But if you can pay yearly than it is a must catch if you are looking for a vps in italy.

Few words from their about page:

It all started simple enough. We opened our doors in 1997, with a single server used to host websites for some of our clients. Prometeus, and the Internet, have came a long, long way since that day – but one thing remains the same, our dedication to customer satisfaction!

So its their 20 years anniversy and they are celebrating it by giving 50% off (with yearly payment option) in theri new VPS location which is Milan, Italy.

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HostFav Review – KVM and LXC High Availability VPS Starting at $2.99/Month

HostFav contacted us with their KVM and LXC High Availability VPS Plans. They offer high availability VPS, that means if one of the node that hold your VPS fails some other node in the cluster can automatically take over. They use Proxmox for the High Availability virtual machines. Let see what they have to say about their company in their own words.

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How to install OpenStack and Create your First Virtual Machine/Instance!

OpenStack is basically a cloud operating system. That let you deploy public and private clouds and take care of all the things for you. In this article, we will see that how to install OpenStack and create your first virtual machine or in other words launch your first instance.

We will perform our installation on Ubuntu 16.04 Server flavor because as mentioned on OpenStack site, they have done extensive testing with this flavor and this operating system is best suited for OpenStack. You can download the exact version that I’ve used from here. You can download Oracle virtual box and do everything inside your computer, or look at the VPS offers section to find a best VPS provider to test OpenStack, I would recommend buying a VPS. Minimum requirements for OpenStack is listed below:

  • 4 GB Of Ram.
  • 4 CPU Units.
  • 30 GB Disk Space.

Once you have a virtual machine installed with mentioned version of Ubuntu, you are ready to install OpenStack and take it for a spin.

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VMHaus Review – NVMe based KVM VPS starting at $15/Year

Auriga Au from VMHaus contacted us regarding some of their offers. Their offers and prices were attractive because they offer NVMe based storage, DDOS protection and on top of that Daily backups as well.  Let see what they have to say about the company itself:

VMHaus is new start up and that is fully focusing on providing NVMe only VPS at an affordable price. We use a mix of Intel P3520 and Samsung 960 PRO NVMe Disks. If the performance and stability is not as what we describe, we will provide full refunds within 7 days.

They also offer choice of 3 locations, so you are covered if you need a VPS closer to your self. Let see some of their offerings.

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