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    Packet sniffing using Snort

    I’ve explained in my last tutorial that how you can install snort on Ubuntu, if you have not installed it yet you can click here. In my article where I explained how to install snort, I mentioned that snort have two running modes,  today we will see how we can do packet sniffing using snort. What is packet sniffing? In…

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    How to install snort intrusion detection system on Ubuntu!

    Snort is a signature based intrusion detection system, it either drop or accept the packets coming on a certain interface depending on the rules you have used. In a signature based intrusion detection system packets headers and their payloads are matched against specific predefined rules/strings to see if they contain a malicious content. Snort can run in two modes: Packet…

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    Use rsync and SSHFS to create incremental backups!

    Good system administrator always keeps their critical data backed up, their are various ways you can backup your data, but some times it can be a hectic job, how ever we can use rsync and sshfs to create incremental backups (and automate the backup using cron jobs). What is SSHFS? SSHFS can mount a remote machine on your backup server…

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    How to install/un-install packages using yum and apt-get in Linux

    Installing packages on linux was a biggest mystery to me when I started learning unix/linux, so I thought to write a complete guide on how to install/un-install packages using yum and apt-get in Linux. In Linux softwares or applications that execute on machine is called packages.  We will go through: RPM (Red hat package manager). apt-get (Debian based package manager)…

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    First step: Secure your SSH

    One of the first step towards securing your server is to limit the attack points as I already mentioned here. How ever SSH is one of the most important service if you are managing your server remotely, so definitely you can shutdown this service in case you can access your machine physically (then you can shut down the SSH service)…

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    Password less SSH Authentication using public/private keys

    SSH gives you remote access to a Linux machine, just like you are sitting physically with the keyboard attached to it. One of the main reasons why people use ssh is because its secure, all communication is encrypted and packets can not be sniffed during connection. How ever if some one knows your SSH password then your server/personal computer is…

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