Hire Me

I’ve been in hosting industry since 2009 and lately I’ve developed a huge interest in web application security and machine learning. I created this blog to teach the readers of this blog about how they can secure their site and various other Linux related topics. If someone still needs my help, they can hire me as well. Currently I am available for following tasks.

Article Writing

I can be hired to write article for your personal/company blog. Topics that I can write on includes but not limited to:

  1. Web Application Security.
  2. Penetration testing.
  3. Linux administration.
  4. Networking.
  5. cPanel/WHM.
  6. VestaCP.
  7. Mod Security.
  8. LAMP Stack.
  9. Python.
  10. Programming related problems.

To reach me use the contact form here. If you have anything else in mind, you can contact me through the contact us page and we will further discuss.

Server Management

I can also be hired to perform server management related tasks. I can work with following control panels and virtual machine technologies.

  1. cPanel/WHM Management.
  2. Management of LAMP Stack.
  3. Proxmox.
  4. VMWare.
  5. Citrix Xen.
  6. KVM.
  7. VestaCP.
  8. Direct Admin.
  9. Server Optimization.
  10. Server hardening.

Feel free to contact me if you need help with any other thing related to web hosting, you can contact through the page here.