MySQL: Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/#sql_3c6_0.MYI’ (Errcode: 2)

This error have multiple shapes and forms, this can come on cPanel or other normal servers when you have no space left on “/tmp” directory of your server, and mysql can not write to it. There is another possible reason, your disk space might not be full. But you are still getting this error, it […]
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HostiServer – Fully Managed 2GB Ram SSD VPS at $10.95/Month – Review

Tommy from HostiServer contacted me regarding getting their offer published at CyberPersons. After getting their email, I jumped to their site and saw that their rate for entry level vps starts at $20/Month. So, I’ve asked them to provide some coupon code to bring down the price to $10.95/month. They guarantee 30 minutes of full […]
Continue reading… – Unlimited Bandwidth Cloud VPS with 2GB ram @ $4.5/Mo – Review

Today I am going to review inviosolutions cloud vps in this article. I have stumbled upon their site and their offers are a must share. Because they are offering 2GB ram cloud vps with unlimited bandwidth at only $4.50/month. Normally it is $6/month, but they are running recurring promotion which makes it $4.50/Month. So I […]
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How to register private name servers with Namecheap or Godaddy!

Registering private name servers is not really a hard job, but sometimes it can become hectic or confusing. There can be two possible reasons for registering private name servers. First that you have recently moved from shared/reseller hosting service to vps or dedicated server. When you was on shared/reseller hosting you don’t need private name […]
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VPSFAST – KVM VPS Available from 44 Locations starting $4/Month – Review

Everton from VPSFAST has been sent me some of their offers along with 10% discount for CyberPersons visitors. Lets read a bit about them first. VPSFAST is ideal and cost-effective hosting platform for customers looking for high performance, redundancy and scalability at economical price. VPSFAST offers quality service at minimal cost and we continue to […]
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